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Did you know our stamps are deeply etched rubber? This makes them ideal for a wide variety of stamping projects from paper to polymer clay to fabrics.


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Fern Riley made this handsome card using our Trout Fishing unmounted rubber stamp! Nice job, Fern! The stamp size is 5-1/2 x 3-7/8 inches.

Trout Fishing card by Fern Riley - July 25, 2008

Ruby Cross of Montgomery, Texas made these wonderful Mermaid Pendant Necklaces - Email her to learn her technique, or find a complete materials list on our Pendant Instructions page. Clicking on the mermaid images will take you to our mermaid stamps.

Mermaid Pendant Mermaid Pendant Mermaid Pendant Mermaid Pendant Mermaid Pendant Mermaid Pendant


Mermaid Rubber Stamps

Dominos (drilled if you want a drop)

Ancient Page Ink Pad - Black Coal

Fluid Chalk Ink Pads - colors of choice

Chalks and applicators

Rub n' Buff or Leafing Pen

Beads (large hold and level surface)

Professional grade super glue

Krylon fixative spray

Clear acrylic spray - gloss (or matte if preferred)

Cording (nylon or leather 1mm)

Tiny charms

Sea glass

24 gauge wire (silver and brass color)


1. Prepare dominos to accept color by bleaching overnight or sanding.

2. Apply Fluid Chalk ink (color of your choice) as a background color and to sides if desired - heat set for faster drying time.


3. Background color can be added with chalks before or after stamping the image.

4. Stamp mermaid image with Ancient Page Black Coal ink and heat set for faster drying.

5. Add color to image with chalks with a small applicator - I prefer the Tiny Touch applicators.

6. When all color has been applied spray with Workable Fixative (2 coats). If you find you need more intense color more can be added after the fixative is applied and dried.

7. When the image is complete spray with a clear acrylic spray. Spray sides also if you are leaving them with ink or chalk color.

8. If you want the silver or gold leaf look on the sides - lightly sand the sides to remove any spray residue and apply the Rub n' Buff or Leafing Pen.

9. If desired you can add a tiny charm (with super glue) on the image or use a drilled domino and make a drop from a charm or wire wrapped sea glass.

10. Affix the bead to the top of the domino and allow ample drying time. I like to test the bead by gently dropping it on a hard surface.

11. String the cording through the bead and tie off.

See our Egyptian hippo stamp on an Artist Trading Card by neith posted on

Hippo Card


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