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Metternich Stele (Front) Background Unmounted Rubber Stamp

Size: 4 x 5-1/2 inches

Price: $5.75 USD

Catalog ID: BG050

Description: Each unmounted background stamp includes a paper index image. The premium quality natural red rubber is deeply etched. Historical information: The primary function of the stele (or stela) was for the magical healing of poisons, mostly caused by animals. The top portion of the stela portrays a disk of the sun that identifies Ra, the sun god of the ancient Egyptian religion. On each side of Ra are four baboons. On the far left of the baboons is the messenger god Thoth. On the far right of the baboons is the reigning pharaoh Nectanebo II bowing towards Ra. The main portion of the relief is separated by the top portion with five lines of hieroglyphics. The center of the stela portrays Horus as a child standing on crocodiles. Above his head is the face of Bes, who is the guardian of the newborn and childbirth. Horus is holding in each hand a serpent and scorpion, along with a lion and oryx in either hand. On the near left of Horus is Re'Horakhty, which is the combination of the two sky gods Horus and Re, standing on a serpent and surrounding both of them are two divine symbols. On the far left of the relief is Isis standing upon a serpent and on her left is the standard of the vulture goddess of the south. On the far right is again the god Thoth standing on a serpent and on his left is the standard of the serpent goddess of the north. Above the gods are the eyes of Horus, the sun and the moon.

Made by: Cape Arago Rubber Stamps

Inventory Status: in stock

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International: $5.75 + $23.95

Metternich Stele (Front) Background Unmounted Rubber Stamp


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