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Red Natural Sponge Cushion Mounting (1 sheet)

Size: 8-1/2 x 11-1/2 x 1/8 inches

Price: $0.00 USD

Catalog ID: SPNG001

Description: Red natural sponge rubber cushion is the backing preferred by most experienced stampers. Many of the stamps found on the market today are backed with neoprene foam or EVA foam. Although this material does work it does not work as well as natural red sponge rubber. It is extremely important that the backing material be able to allow the stamp die to conform to surface irregularities and non-flat conditions. This demands a backing with memory. Foam backing lacks the resilience and memory needed to do the best job. Natural red sponge rubber has excellent memory and just the right resilience to allow stamp die to make the best impressions on a wide variety of surface conditions. Both sides are textured to improve bonding when using rubber cement to join the stamp die and the stamp block. This cushion material is the ideal backing material for mounting rubber stamp die.

Made by: Cape Arago Rubber Stamps

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Red Natural Sponge Cushion Mounting (1 sheet)


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